The Sports Bar & GrillEdit


The Sports Bar & Grill were 2 concept restaurants owned by America Online Communications Eruowood. There was the main location, which had 2 floors, an arcade, and a viewing area for movies, and the second location, which was smaller, only had 1 floor, with a smaller viewing area and a smaller arcade. There was also 8 "express" locations, which only had bars and small booths for seating, you could see the food being cooked, and had no viewing area or arcade but 2 TV's on the walls. It was described in commercials and magazine ads as "the ultimate place to be"

Bird StudiosEdit


In 1999, The Sports Bar & Grill was struggling with financial issues, and America Online Communications Eruowood (now AOL Communications Eruowood) decided to update their identity. The "Sports Bar & Grill" name is still being used, but now it only appears as a subtitle sometimes.

Alternate version, with "The Sports Bar & Grill" subtitle.