Five Heartlake 2003


When the RTL Group launched Five in Heartlake on November 16, 2003, it didn’t have much in common. While they initially planned for the channel to have the same idents as in the UK, the Heartlakian version’s idents from launch to 2004 consisted of Heartlakian celebrities against a background in pale brown and white, which had been the channel’s colors from launch to 2011.


Five in Heartlake saw its first minor refresh in 2004, when the celebrities were replaced by activity-related idents; they included ‘five scream’ (rollercoaster), ‘five thrill’ (fireworks), ‘five relax’ (scuba diving), and ‘five party’ (disco).


The last minor refresh under the launch logo for Five in Heartlake was when the activity-related idents were ditched in favor of returning back to celebrities.


Five Heartlake 2011


October 15, 2011 saw Five’s first major rebrand in Heartlake, and along it came a new set of idents designed by Red Bee Creative. The idents incorporated various items in a sea of orange, cyan and pink (depending on the time of day) - ribbons, buildings, bubbles, etc. The sea color changed at different times during the day:

  • Morning - Cyan > Pink
  • Afternoon - Pink > Orange
  • Evening - Orange > Cyan


On June 13, 2012, due to the fact that Five in Heartlake had launched an HD variant, Red Bee Creative decided to make a further 4 additions to the ident set from 2011, and they were as follows: Mystify, Aerobics, Shinkansen, and Beach.


On February 28, 2016, Five in Heartlake ditched the ‘items-in-sea’ idents and returned to idents that included people. The current ident set is as follows:

  • City & Country
  • Dancing Feet
  • Swimming Pool
  • Nail Polish
  • Couple
  • Neon City