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After the normal logo completes, it varies:

Disney Animated Movies from The Black Caldren (1985) to The Emperor's New Groove (2000): It animates on black. Afterwards, Dave presses his button causing it to glow blue on everything to make room for the Wait Disney Pictures logo.

My Neighbor Totoro (1988):

  • Opening (Japanese): It animates on the blue background. Afterwards, the animation turns traditional and the small creature with the bag of seeds marches from right to left. Ruff-Ruff & Dave asked PKing "Can we march?" in Japanese. But before PKing answers the question eventually it cuts to the Studio Ghibli logo.
  • Opening (English version #1): It animates on black. Then, the titles splits apart to make room for the 50th Street Films logo which zooms in. The background then turns blue and the logo fades to the Studio Ghibli logo. The logo music is the Troma intro music.
  • Closing (ENG Ver. #1): It is still on white with the creature with a accorn running from right to left.
  • Opening (ENG Ver. #2): It comes after the WDHE in-credit text. It animates on blue, but after the characters pop in they roar like Totoro and then they laugh as it fades to the Studio Ghibli logo.
  • Opening (ENG Ver. #2-1): It animates on white. While the titles are sliding, Catbus (From the film) runs from right to left in a fast manner. After the characters pop in, they asked the audience "Did you see that coming?" and poses as normal as it fades to the Studio Ghibli logo.
  • Closing (ENG Ver. #2-1): It is already-formed. The characters are using the similar pipe instrument (Like the ones in the film) and it doesn't make the sound whatsoever.

A Goofy Movie (1995): It superimposes at the opening shot. Then it fades out making room for the Wait Disney Pictures logo.

DreamWorks Animated Movies from ANTZ (1998) to Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas (2003): It animates on black. Afterwards, PKing jumps out from the title and into the water causing it to ripple away to the DreamWorks SKG logo.

ANTZ (1998, Closing): It is still on black. The PDI Guy jumps in from behind, as the camera follows to serge into the said logo.

Stellaluna (2002): It is still on black, like the following Tundra Productions and Scholastic logos.

Ben-Hur (2003, Closing): With the closing theme ending over, it animates on white. The characters is on the chariots with horses (Like the ones in the race from earlier) while the titles slides in. When the buttons glows in, the characters jumps get into the usual positions and waves to the audience.

In Search of SANTA (2004, Closing): It animates on white. After it forms, Princess Crystal (From the following movie) walks in and throws the Magic Flying Dust, causing the characters to fly away. After that, the titles & buttons fade out and Crystal then signals to cue the Colorland Animation logo which fades in. Crystal then walks away causing the floor to fade.

The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie (2004) and The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie (2015): It animates on white, while bubbles float in to surround it. Afterwards, it fades to the Paramount logo.

DreamWorks Animated Movies from Sherk 2 (2004) to Bee Movie (2007); Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa (2008) and Monsters VS. Aliens (2009): It animates on white. Afterwards, Ruff-Ruff presses his button causing it to blow up like a balloon causing it to serge into the DreamWorks Animation logo. The latter has it sepia toned.

Hoodwinked! (2005/2006): It is still in the black background, like the following The Weinstein Company and Kenbar Entertainment logos.

Doogal (2005/2006): It animates side-by-side with the The Weinstein Company logo sharing the background.

Monster House (2006); Sony Pictures Animation Movies from Open Season (2006) to The Smurfs 2 (2013): It animates on black. Then, it zooms out to the bright light serging to the Columbia logo.

Open Season 2 (2009): It animates on white. Afterwards, the bunny fight occurs. PKing throws it at Tweet first. Then she throws it at Wombat. The others then started fighting immediately that occurs for 5 seconds. Then Dave presses the button to start the SPA logo.

Open Season 3 (2011): It animates on black, but silent. Afterwards, PKing says "Do you have any song playing right now?" Boog (The character from the film) replies offscreen "No, I'm sleeping right now." Chompkins gots the idea as the jumps out the title and says "One moment please." as he walks away. The sounds of a jukebox is heard while Ruff-Ruff whispers to Tweet & Dave "He's haven't wake up yet." Tweet & Dave agrees as Chompkins comes back with the remote. He gets backs in the title and said "Let's get this movie, started!" as the opening song "Real Wild Child" starts and as it fades out he presses the fast-forward button causing the following SPA logo to speed-up.

GoAnimate The Movie (2013): It animates on white. Then, the background turns black. Ruff-Ruff said "What happened to the style?" PKing laughs and said "Ruff-Ruff. You should be doing..." as Wombat & Tweet notice the incoming "Go!". As PKing says it, the "Go!" zooms in crushing the titles & slamming the characters to the camera. The characters then slide down revealing the completed Go!Animate Studios logo which the spotlight turns on fading to the prologue.

SPA Movies from Hotel Transylvania 2 (2015) onwards: It animates in black, then it fades to the Sony Pictures Entertainment logo.

Open Season: Scared Silly (2016): It animates on black. Chompkins pops in earlier before the rest. He jumps out of the title to the classic switch. The others use the hands to distract him, but he pulled the switch causing the logo to flicker out and the background of the SPA logo to flicker in, with the thundering sound.

The Angry Birds Movie (2016): It is already-formed on black. Then, they noticed the incoming bomb. One of Matilda's eggbombs drops on PKing, Chompkins and Wombat sending them away while Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave runs away as Hal (Boomerang bird) knocks the titles away revealing the Sony logo.

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