More4 Island of Sally 2010


When More4 was introduced to the Island of Sally in the year 2010, a set of idents had been introduced to the new channel, which featured paper triangles flying in random places in the sky followed by the More4 logo formup and the fade-in of the channel’s address (channel4.sally/more4).


More4 saw its first slight refresh in the branding in 2013, when the ‘paper triangles in the sky’ idents were ditched in favor of solely graphical elements, which consisted of the triangles in the logo rising, accompanied by a different item depending on the type of programming (baking show = cake, romance drama = rose petals, etc.), followed by the triangles sinking back into their original slots to form the More4 logo.


In 2014, another slight refresh took place. Instead of sticking with solely graphical elements this time, the channel returned to live-action videos in their idents. The new idents focus on different aspects of life, and often feature paper triangles, although they allow the mixing-in of glowing triangles and metallic ones, too.

2018 (upcoming/tentative)Edit

More4 2018