THX Television Distribution is the television distribution unit of THX.

2010-present Edit


Logo : On a black background, the THX logo rises up to the middle of the screen from the bottom of the screen. Once the THX logo stops, the text "TELEVISION DISTRIBUTION" in a Calibri font fades in above and below the THX logo.

Variants :

Season 1 - Season 3 , Season 10-present : The logo is normal.

Season 4 - Season 6 : The logo is smaller.

Season 7 - Season 8 : The logo is much smaller. There is no animation.

Season 9 - Season 10 : Same as the last variant, but the web address is added.


Seen on Dog Goodness.


Season 1 - Season 3 , Season 6 , Season 10-present : The Deep Note.

Season 4 : A whoosh sound.

Season 5 : A different whoosh sound.

Season 7 - Season 10 : None.

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